40% of US food supply is going to waste

Food waste contributes to 10% of all Greenhouse gas and is the 3rd largest global emitter of CO2.

Meanwhile 1 in 8 Americans are struggling to find enough food to eat.


In the last century, with food demands growing exponentially, we have depleted our soil of nutrients, the food we eat today is less nutritious than what our grandparents grew up eating. On top of that, 40% of our food supply is lost every year. This loss massively contributes to two of the greatest concerns we face today: climate change and hunger problems.

At Circular, we aim to prevent climate change and hunger with one solution. We recover food waste from the source, convert it to organic fertilizer, grow organic produce, and feed the world with regenerated healthy food, all with the help of our friend the earthworm. By completing the circle, we heal our planet, heal our soil, and heal our people.

Help us save the Earth by looking for our logo at one of our partner restaurants!

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Fight Hunger!

For every 10 lb of waste recovered, Circular will donate 1 meal towards the fight against hunger in America!

Meets 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Meet the Team

UCI New Venture Competition 2021 -- Finalists

Caleb Finn
  • Caleb Finn - Founder/CEO
  • Licensed Civil Engineer,
  • UCI FM Engineering Dept,
  • Avid Suburban Homesteader,
  • UC Master Gardener
  • Entrepreneur
Sara Estevez
  • Sara Estevez - CRO
  • Ph.D. Nanoengineering,
  • Researcher
Anjan R Magar
  • Anjan R Magar - Enviromental Director
  • E.S. Lab Assistant at Soka University
  • Environmental Studies (E.S)
  • BA, SUA
Nate Jackson
  • Nate Jackson - CMO
  • Veteran Hollywood filmmaker